Friday, March 29, 2013

Passing over Easter

Well we were off to Indy bright and early this morning. On our day off none the less :P. These appointments are working out on our days off or snow days...quite convient if you ask me.

Well we went into the appointment kind of optimistic. I had three follicles this time. I only had one last time and I thought that was awesome. Three was great! Well she starts the ultra sound and I saw not three follicles...but...FOUR!!! I have FOUR!!! For them to be considered mature they need to measure at 18 or higher. Well I had 18, 14, 13, and a 12! SOOOOOO.....I will do one more day of Follistim at 100 and then I will do the Ovadrel (HSG) Shot tomorrow night at 9:45pm and we will do the IUI on Monday! Round two is coming to a close and my body is actually reacting correcting to the medicine and shots. HOW COOL!!!! **Happy Dance**

Well after our appointment in Indy we went to pick up the Jeep at the dealership since it was leaking anti-freeze. It wasn't done yet so we started thinking that WHEN I do get pregnant we will probably trade in my Avenger. I will most likely want an SUV of some kind. So we test drove a Dodge Durango Citadel and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Citadel is AWESOME and would most likely be the one in the running. The Grand Cherokee was nice but I liked the Citadel better! To bad the one we test drove costs about half the value of our house! :) Oh well we were just looking, right? ;P

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Sunday and my eggs?!?!

Hello fellow readers/followers/stalkers!!! I'm back!! What a crazy couple weeks. NCHS did their musical The Music Man this past weekend and let me tell you if you didn't see it you missed out....BIG TIME. Not that I'm biased or anything but my husband, the kids, the assistant directors, volunteers, pit members, and parents seriously ROCKED OUT! This was the best musical they have done in a long time!!! Even with finding out that one of the adult males couldn't do the show because of a death in the family my hubby learned his song parts/lines and was not only the director but a member of the cast also. I'm a proud wifey!!! Again...not biased at all....

Well we got an awesome snow storm that made us a nervous wreck. Oh yeah we had an appt. today in Indy. It took us almost 4 hours to get there last night. Thank God school was canceled today. We got a hotel room and stayed the night. It was kind of nice to relax especially after the week we just had.

Yep quite awful.....this is I-465 near Indy. A main interstate and it wasn't clear at all! Good thing we took the jeep we had it in 4 wheel drive.

This was at a rest stop outside of Indy. :)

So anyway we get to the office they do the ultrasound and guess what?!?! Well you will have to wait...

So when we went last time I had only one follicle from my left ovary and he (yes, I gave it a gender...don't judge me!) grew to a 22! 

OK you have waited long enough. I have (drum roll please) .... 3 follicles this time!! Two in the right ovary and one in the left. 13, 10, and 8! For the follicles to be mature they need to be at 18 or higher. Sooooooooooooooo I will be uping my follistim to 100 and I am going back on Good Friday. Our next IUI maybe on Sunday...Easter Sunday of all days. Is this fate?? Only the big guy upstairs knows...

so...until next time my friends....

Monday, March 18, 2013

What will the Easter Bunny be bringing me this year?

Well we headed over to Indy this morning and well i'm in a whirlwind again....this is good!!

I'm on Day 3 of my cycle now. So today I start Letrozole for 5 days. Just like we did last time. This is where it changes. :D On Day 7 (Friday) I take the last of my Letrozole and I start Follistim shots at 75, also. I take the Follistim at 75 Saturday and Sunday. We then head BACK to Indy next Monday to get a peak at my ovaries to see if we have any follicles ready and we will go from there.

Ok...Quiz time....Do you guys know what this means? We will be attempting ANOTHER IUI BY EASTER!!!!!! Holy poop sticks Batman!

On another note this weekend is Musical weekend so from Thursday to Sunday I will be totally unavailable. I will be at Newton Community High School supporting my husband and all of his talented kids! I'm lucky to be up in the light box helping! I wore a lot of different hats for this musical and I'm OK with it. I got to help with building/painting sets, be the assistant head light, being the DW (Directors Wife), choreograph the baton and flag for the finale, and help with hair! It has been fun and I enjoy working with the kids. It is amazing what Jeffrey and the other adults helping put together! I'm one proud wifey!!!

Also my PARENTS and my little (but taller than me) sister is also coming to see the musical! How cool is that? They are driving all the way from the Chicago no pressure kids.... ;)

Alright y'all....ROUND TWO.....Here we go again....

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well if you saw on FB Friday it was my birthday...and the day I had to test to see if the IUI worked. Well it obviously didn't and I was very obviously upset. My birthday started out pretty crappy. I got through my morning and low and behold a delivery came to school. Jeffrey came through...
Yeah I know he was pretty sweet to do that...and it made himself look good too ;). I married a very smart man! 

The part that got to me the most wasn't the fact it didn't work. It was just disappointment. Thats what hurts the most. The guilt that I carry with me that this isn't Jeffrey's issue its MY ISSUE. I'm the problem. I know call me crazy or whatever you want to...but that is how I think people. The preist wasn't kidding when he said ......"For better or for worse" either...

So after school (we had a half day) I went out to lunch with girls from work and it was nice. I laughed, got to talk (without crying) about normal things and actually enjoyed myself. I hope they know how much that meant. We then went to our teacher inservice. I won't bore you with all the exciting details of that inservice. Later that night we went to a birthday party for a close family friend. Man I'm glad I did because it brought me out of that funk. I started to think "...ok Finley (yes I call myself that in my head...DEAL WITH IT...shesh!!) didn't work....we do it again...your parents didn't raise a quitter". 

So Friday night and Saturday morning I felt like crap, physically not mentally. Yesterday AF showed her ugly face. Yep thats right I started on my own and the day it was supposed to start. My body actually responded to how and when it was supposed too! I'm almost normal!! Although I don't like how she makes me feel...stupid AF.....mmmmmm chocolate.......


ROUND TWO...DING DING DING...Starting tomorrow we are off to INDY again....

Friday, March 1, 2013


Well we did was the day we did the IUI...OMG!!!!

OK sorry I will calm down. I was up at 3:45am and Jeffrey was up at 4am. We were on the road by 4:45. Somehow I had a renewed sense of hope because when we left it was snowing. It was a big flake pretty snow. I just had a good feeling about today. Once we got there and Jeffrey came out from the office we had an hour to kill basically. We went to this little restaurant to have breakfast. We went to Meijer to kill some more time and I got a new book and Jeffrey picked up "Pitch Perfect". Then back to the office and it was finally my turn....

I was actually quite surprised. It was a tad uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as a yearly girly exam...yet at least after that you jump down off the table and you go get on with your life. Not today...after the IUI I had to lay down for 10 - 15 minutes. Then we got our things and we headed for home.

I felt very crampy, uncomfortable, and bloated. I still feel that way honestly. I put the car seat as far back as possible and just laid down. I looked up out the window and texted people as Jeffrey drove.

So here we are...I have my little set up on the couch with my stuff and I'm laying here. Jeffrey asks why I'm getting up every time I do. Lets hope and pray that I don't lose my mind in the next two weeks.

The 2WW, the day I need to test, is my birthday. March 15th...Now it will be a good birthday or a poopy birthday. Either way I need to call the office and tell them the results. And dont think that I will spill the results early either good or bad. You all are crazy! That secret will stay with Jeffrey and I.