Saturday, July 30, 2016

Well its been almost a month since we lost the twins. We think of them non-stop and we visit them often. It has been a really rough month. I still have somewhat of a pregnancy belly left. I'm almost back into regular clothes...I have a few more pounds to go.

July has been a HORRIBLE month for us. In total we have visited 4 different hospitals. Yeah you read that right 4!

June 27th - Richland Memorial...water broke.
June 28th - June 30th They sent us to Barnes Jewish in St.Louis
June 30th - Sent home
July 1st - Malachi John was born.
July 1st - 3rd - Stayed at St. Anthony's
July 3rd - Marianna Grace was born.
July 4th - sent home
July 10th - We buried our beautiful babies

July 22/23 - Palos Community Hospital

   This is the visit no one knew about. We drove up to Worth because we were leaving for vacation with my family the next day. Mom ordered pizza. We sat and ate dinner. Almost immediately, I start having a horrible and very sharp pain under my right rib. We got into the ER around 9 pm. and found out it was my gallbladder. I have gallstones. GREAT! The doctor told me that I will eventually need to have surgery to have it removed. They also found out that I was low on potassium. So they told me I needed a potassium drip in my IV. That...drip...SUCKS! It burned! I'm still dealing with the after effects. My arm is still sore. After that was done I was discharged and sent home at 4:30am. We left for Wisconsin at 10am.

I am on a diet of bland/low fat foods. I'm eating a lot of chicken and vegetables. So far so good!

I head back to St. Louis on Aug. 8th. She wants to make sure there is no scar tissue left. We will then prepare for a FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) in October sometime. Keep us in your prayers as we progress in our journey.

We were put on this path for a reason. This life that was chosen for us hasn't been an easy one thus far. We are trying to keep our faith and keep pushing ahead.