Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Woot! UPDATE!!!

Hey all!! Here we go....

Ankle is better it turns out I have tibular tendonitis. I had to do a month of PT, and I have to wear gym shoes all the time with the in-soles they gave me. Just FYI...gym shoes don't go to well with my dress clothes...yet I digress.... the fertility side of things. It has been a ride for sure this round. Well i didn't really start, I did however have some spotting. She counted it. So I started my shots on 11/02. It is now 11/13. So yeah 11 days on shots. I have one follicle at 18 and one at 13. SO what this means is I will take my last shot of follistim tonight. I will take my trigger shot at 8pm tomorrow. So that mean our IUI is scheduled for Saturday!

Lets hope that this one is it! I'm hopeful so please please please plenty of prayers and thoughts Saturday morning!!!!!