Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July is almost over...ALREADY?

Well here we are and its almost the end of July! I'm still here at SWC and will be done in 3 days. I hate the fact it flies by so dang fast!!! This year was my 10th summer here. I was a camper in 2003 and now I'm on Admin staff. The time here sure flies by thats for sure. This camp has changed me as a person and has given me a lot.

"This one time at band camp...." Well folks no band camp is EVER like the one in American Pie. Sorry to disappoint you. SWC....Its more than just a band camp. There is a fraternal bond here that can't be re-created anywhere else. Our staff is top notch! We have a lot to offer our students. There is also a special bond here with our staff. We put in a lot of long hours and yet at the end of the day we still find time to chit chat and laugh until our stomachs hurt. I have seen a lot of relationships formed here. A couple have turned into marriages, others are friendships with bonds that can never be broken. I have met a lot of people here that I would consider my very close friends. I also met my other half here (and no it is NOT Jeffrey). He and I bonded pretty quickly and it blossomed into a friendship I have never had before. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes and its scary. ;) But, I know, if I didn't have him in my life I wouldn't feel whole, a part of me would be missing. It is truly hard to explain or put into words.

Even though the staff only sees each other once a year, here at camp, when we are together it is like we haven't missed a beat. It is kind of nice actually to have this...they have become my second family.

Well no news on the baby front from me. We did try again in June and it didn't take. So since I have been here at EIU all July we weren't going to try. So we wait until Aug to see what will come of my future. I will FINALLY have insurance and these visits will become cheaper and I won't have to worry/feel bad about our situation. Its pretty expensive for people without insurance. I could estimate we spend $2000 a treatment. Thats the procedure/medicine/gas to and from Indy/ and meals.

Bring on marching season...