Tuesday, May 28, 2013

....Where has the time gone....

I know most of you have been missing my updates. Well sorry!!! I know I have said I was going to document our journey. Well I know I have up to this point. My worry is when I do get pregnant you all will figure it out and I don't know if I want that. I will update from time to time. I can tell you that I'm going back in June for IUI number 3. We won't be giving up so don't think that is what is happening. Those that I talk to more on a consistant basis you know that you can message me.

In July I will be at EIU with SWC. For all of you non--band nerds its when I work band camps for three weeks.

In Aug marching band really takes off and doesn't stop until the end of October.

Sorry everyone if you are disappointed, but when our miracle does happen I want to be in control of telling folks when and how I want to.  :)