Friday, April 17, 2015

Mr. Cow and his antics

We had a great past couple days in Mrs. Cleaver's Class at Ste. Marie Elementary. We started the ABC Countdown to Summer. Yesterday was B...Bring a "Stuffed Buddy" to school. I brought my Popple and Mr. Cow. Well Mr. Cow is pretty good a causing problems and the kids got a KICK out of it. Here is our past couple days in pictures...

He was then put at the reminder table. He bought something online with Mrs. Cleaver's credit card!!

Then, today Mr. Cow came back on letter C, Candy Day.

Mrs. Johnson came in to see what he did. Well, Mr. Cow was hanging from the wall when she came in. She escorted him to her office.

He had to wait in her office until the timer was up. Then he was able to come back. Although, he was still up to trouble...

After we caught him copying we put Mr. Cow by me. He needed to be closely watched. We went out to our afternoon recess and he wrote us one more note...He was sorry!

He had a good ending to his day. The kids enjoyed their candy treat and asked for Mr. Cow to come back. I told them maybe someday....until then....he will stay here at home.

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